Thursday, November 12, 2015

Snowy Evergreens collage & print, 2nd grade

These colorful landscapes were inspired by the beautiful illustrations of Charles Schulz, creator of the Peanuts. There were mixed feelings among the characters regarding the colorful "evergreen" trees in the famous Charlie Brown animated special, but I was always enamored with their bright & bold style. 

We began by drawing evergreen shapes like pine, fir, cypress, and spruce, then we added cones and berries some of these trees produce. We chose warm or cool color Fadeless brand paper - one of my favorite art supplies! The snowy background is created from printing tempera coated bubble wrap, and we finished it off with a doily "snow cloud" and some footprints in the snow.

Scraps make great "half trees" for the edges and folding the paper makes the trees symmetrical while cutting the cutting time in half. :)


  1. YES! You know I love these :) Great job, kiddos!

  2. Nice I like the style :-)
    Hope soon to create some christmas DIY myself.
    Have a great weekend.

  3. These are very child centred. They would have enjoyed making these I think. I would like to use some of these ideas. I will add sun and remove snow for the Southern hemisphere.

  4. Thanks for creating a fun art project for second-grade students! I like how you have integrated a holiday story with art. This art project builds a personal connection to a story. Educators know that personal connections builds comprehension and this activity address that as well. Do you think first-grade students could also do this activity? I want to help my students build on the concept of identifying different types of settings. I also liked how you built on vocabulary: pine, fir, cypress and spruce instead of just calling them trees. I like that every child's project can be different. So many elementary art projects produce the same product in the end, however, everyone in this activity has the same concept but is allowed to create it their own way. Thanks for sharing! Mrs. Job

  5. Love the variety of trees and the great paper colors.


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