Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Spring Shapes! Kindergarten

So ready for spring, right everybody? In my quest to get past these last few gray days of winter, I took to Pinterest to see what kind of spring-spiration I could find. I quickly came upon a blog that I have been drooling over for a few months now and decided it was time to see what the kids could do with the spark of Helen Dardik's work. If you haven't seen her work, please hop on over to Orange You Lucky, where you will find many whimsically colorful designs and illustrations. 

  I thought these were really great for our spring theme, and students found not only springy plants and animals in her work, but also organic shapes and a composition that fills the space. We found primary colors and also mixed them to create new colors, sometimes tinting them with white.

So here were the steps for our two session activity - draw six big organic shapes, paint them with  primary and mixed tempera, add smaller organic shapes to help fill the space. Next, add lots of raindrops in the negative space because rain is such an important part of spring. We used Crayola metallic fx crayons for the raindrops, and also next with the details and patterns. Finally, we traced the largest shapes with colorful sharpie to help them stand out in our full composition. Such a fun project, really effective and engaging with success by all. Thanks again to Helen Dardik and Springtime for inspiring us with lots of fresh ideas!


  1. You know I love these! Did you have color copies out for the kids to observe from? Definitely want to give it a try! Pinning!

    1. I just projected them on my whiteboard instead of making copies. Also, we are going to add photos of the kids sniffing a flower somewhere in there - I had a plan for a similar picture with their photos and decided to just use this one.


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