Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Mixed media self-portraits, 5th grade

My 5th graders began this lesson with some sketching and proportion study - did you know your eye is the same width as the widest part of your nose? And the space between your eyes? Using guide lines and mirrors, we drew self-portraits on our portfolio covers.

Next, we took photographic portraits of each other using cameras, focusing on a head and shoulder composition. After printing these photos out, we traced the contour lines onto transparency sheets (saved from the trash bin) and made a watercolor resist background using descriptive personality characteristics as our design. After all, a good self-portrait should show something of the character of the person as well as a likeness.


  1. Love these !!!! SO you display them by placing the transparency over the finished watercolor, or do you transfer the line image somehow ???

  2. Love those! I had something like this rolling around inside my head - since you worked it out now I can try it! Great job Hope!

  3. These are similar to a pop-art self portrait project I'm having my kids do now. Super cool! Great work!

  4. Would you consider sharing your Facial Proportions worksheet through your Teachers Pay Teachers site? Thanks for the inspiration.


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