Friday, February 21, 2014

Tulip fields of Holland in perspective

Recently I saw some amazing photos of tulip fields from a birds-eye view; they reminded me of a colorful quilt and it was amazing to think that they were actually fields of flowers. Holland is known as "the world's flower shop" because of its stunning variety of tulips which are harvested and shipped around the globe. We found many images on Google (thanks Carribean Living blog and Truus' blog) and we discussed the qualities of this point-of-view - no sky, no horizon, the sense of space was a little trickier to identify, although we still found some size and placement differences. 

Next we looked at some examples that show one-point perspective and based our drawings on the horizon line, vanishing point, converging line technique to show space in our landscapes. These beauties are perfect for our "wish it was spring" fever!



  1. These are beautiful! Have you seen the flower fields in Carlsbad, Ca? The students artwork reminded me of those!

    1. Exactly! I teach in San Diego and will use the Carlsbad Flower Fields for reference. Great project!

  2. These are striking. They make so much sense with the photographs.

  3. Great pieces, Hope! I love the magic of oil pastel on colored construction paper!



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