Sunday, February 9, 2014

Stamp print hearts for K!

Instead of my standard "stamp print architecture" lesson, this year we stamped hearts instead - I couldn't resist since the timing was just before Feb. 14. We had fun with our "pop-up architecture" this time around, though!

For the hearts, we started with 12x18" paper and drew really big hearts in pencil. Next, we rotated around our six tables, each with its own color tray and a varity of gadgets for printing - empty tape spools, Legos, marker caps, plastic geometric shapes from an old math set, etc. I also had a few homemade stampers made from wooden spools and foam stickers. Teacher tip: I left all the stampers on the trays all week without washing them and they worked fine every day - that way I only had one messy washing session, after dumping everything in a bucket and letting it soak about an hour.
The next week we cut out the hearts, pasted on a bright red background, and added emphasis with some line patterns around. I hope these are on many fridge doors on Valentine's Day this year!



  1. Beautiful! I do the same thing with my stamping objects, if they are not overly messy I just let everything dry in their trays and just give them one good soak and wash at the end! Saves me a lot of time! Thanks for sharing! :)


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