Monday, August 19, 2013

Starting out: Unit 1, 2-D elements

I start my classes at the beginning of the year the same way I like to go into a pool, tiptoe in slowly! All grades are focusing on basic elements, observational drawings, gesture and contour, value scales, primary colors, geometric shapes. Although these activities are simple in nature, they are still very striking and visually appealing. Sometimes less is more, especially when we are emphasizing one or two elements. Check out some of our early progress...

Kindergarten classes capture nature, Alma Thomas style, with some crayon and watercolor resist. Thanks to New City Arts  for this lesson idea, and also the rock drawing below. Shannah's lessons always inspire me.

First graders explore primary colors and geometric shape with a Piet Mondrian-style collage. I've tried Mondrian in every way possible, and I love this fresh take I found over at Artsonia

5th graders showing off their shading skills with special sketching pencils - these are going to be fantastic.

Here we have a fabulous pose during our 5th grade gesture drawings, one of their favorite things.


  1. My first day with kids is this coming Monday and I love seeing posts about classrooms already in full swing! I like your "tip-toe" into art approach! I also love the gesture drawings! I think I might have to do that with my fifth graders. Thank you for the inspiration as I get ready start my year!

  2. Hi Hope
    Looks like your year is off to a great start. I love the Mondrian and the rock shading project. Curious about the poetry tie-in....Pinning both projects!


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