Friday, August 9, 2013

Inspiration to Fruition... Thank you!

My room and planning have been highly influenced by all of the sublime finds I've been collecting on Pinterest over the last year or two. You will see from my pics below that some of my work is my own twist on your innovative ideas, and some are just outright stolen "as is"! I am excited to be a beneficiary of some amazing best practices - thanks so much to those of you who contacted me through email to tell me you are enjoying my blog, and extra thanks to all of you who generously share your hard work for the benefit of art students and teachers everywhere, and those who share through pinning.

Now, how many of these things do you recognize from Pinterest? So glad to get them off my "pin boards" and into my real life classroom :) I am not going to credit each item to the original creator here because there are so many, but you can find them with a simple click from my Pinterest boards (most of these are from "Art Room") at Have a wonderful new school year, readers, and welcome back Dolvin families - get ready to "reach for the stars"!

                                                           Noise level indicators

            Student-friendly, small sized higher order questioning words for each table

New portfolios - I now have 2 different ones for K-2 and 3-5
with more specific information - this is year 3 of portfolio development for me
^^update 09/14 - new portfolios available on Teachers Pay Teachers :

Posters I bought from Scholastic after earning a $20 gift card for taking a teacher survey online, and smaller ones I printed from Pinterest

             Unit 1 bulletin board: Art is a Language - love the "Be ARTiculate" word list (again, stolen)

New table numbers made with specialty paper from Roylco

                                Two rubrics, one for k-2 and one for 3-5

                                       Two fun and simple critique sheets

I am trying my tables in a rounded configuration this year with small group table in the center

We purchased some new books and DVDs with our fundraising profits 
to update the art room book collections

Dixon/Prang company sent us some complimentary supplies to review 
in an upcoming post - stay tuned!

A still UNFINISHED room sign I have been piddling with since the beginning of last year.
I just can't get it finished.  One day...


  1. So much good stuff happening here!! I mean, seriously. I love the small higher order words (also have it pinned), will need to print asap. Love your Unit 1 bulletin board----AMAZING! Stealing that for sure.
    How did you hang your frames? I'd like to do something like that soon.
    Hope to see a copy of your new portfolio covers soon :)
    You're the bomb!

  2. I love those Scholastic posters!! AndI am going to your pin boards for those rubric sheeets. Thanks for sharing!

    1. I tweaked all of those rubrics to meet my class needs by pasting the image from Pinterest onto a word doc, then pasting text boxes over the words I needed to change. It's pretty easy. Good luck!

  3. Looks great! I have the same box of supplies from Dixon to try out! Deciding if I am going to do a trial on my own or save them for the kiddos! I think putting them through the rigor of the kids will be a more viable test.... :) going to check out your board! Have to go up and start to get my rooms ready also! Thanks for always sharing your ideas and have a great year! :)

  4. Looks great! I'm itching to get back in my room and get started soon too. I really like your round table arrangement- looks like there's be good flow.

  5. I thought you might be interested to know that Crazy8 clothes has a line for girls called Art Class Rocks. Cute art-class-inspired clothes!

    I noticed on the Autry Mill website that Mrs. McCann is teaching at AMMS now. Katy said she's going to try to find her classroom and say hi.

  6. I just spent some time browsing your Art Room Pinterest board. Thanks for sharing -- such great poster ideas!!

  7. I hadn't seen the 3,2,1 critique sheet before. Thanks for posting.

  8. I seriously need to take more surveys. You got a $20 one. Someone else I saw today got a $100 gift card for pinning something on Pinterest. Wow.

  9. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your portfolio templates. Do you have them on teacherspayteachers or somewhere to buy it? Would love to use this with my grade 5s! =)

  10. I was wondering if you have your critique sheets, rubrics, and portfolio templates for sale or if you'd be willing to share a copy of them each? They would be AMAZING resources for me to use in my own art classroom. Thank you!!!

    My e-mail is Natalie(dot)steckel(at)yahoo(dot)com if you are willing to share!

    1. I would love to have these three things as well if you would be willing to share.

  11. I would love to try portfolios this year and yours look so organized! Could I please have a copy of the different ones that you use? My email is Thank you so much!

  12. I would like to try your rubrics and critique sheets. My email is if you are willing to share. Thanks.

  13. I am working on assessment for my Professional Development Plan this year. For part of it I have to research what other art teachers are using. I just happened upon your blog while in pinterest. Someone said that your blog is full of great stuff, so I decided to take a look! WOW! I am impressed. I love your rubrics and critique forms (and the pics of your kids filling them out). Please, please, please send them to me. My school email is

  14. I love your critique sheets, is there anyway I could get a copy? Please let me know, my email is

  15. Your handouts are awesome! Please put them on Teachers Pay Teachers : )

  16. I love your portfolios! Do you have them on teacherspayteachers or somewhere to buy it? My email is

    Thank you!


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