Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Pet Portraits, 2nd grade

Pet portraits are usually in my lesson list for second grade each year, but after seeing this captivating painting by Maira Kalman on the Animalarium blog, I knew I would add a little twist this year: a suggestion of the owner. I just loved the way her portraits crop out the owner, just leaving us a glimpse of their personality through their clothing styles. It also gives us a feeling of how we care for our furry or feathered friends, demonstrating the way we feed, bathe, and walk our pets. Here are some of our watercolor examples. Enjoy!
Maira Kalman

Here are some sketchbook drawings ...


  1. Such a great idea Hope, and the bright watercolours are so animating! I especially like the last three: )

  2. Love the birdcage!

  3. The drawings are beautiful.
    The soul of each child is in plain view.
    I also love the choice of colors.

  4. Oh my god! These pet portraits are just so cute! I love how you're able to incorporate this into the children's schools :)



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