Monday, February 25, 2013

Monarch Monoprints

This was a really fun project and we learned many important things - we continued our study of balance and symmetry, threw in some printmaking, and topped it off with some science! Monarchs emerge from the chrysalis stage and travel to warm climates during winter.
We begin by folding our paper and drawing a capital "B" on the fold line, and adding some creativity to the wing shapes. Then, using tempera, we fill in the wing section a few strokes at a time, stopping to fold the paper and rub to transfer the paint before it dries. Then we do the black and end with the white dots. This is my second time doing this project and I intended to create a background on day 2, but I honestly love the graphic quality and think we will leave them as is.
Easy and fun, this is a great one day activity. Thanks to Art Project Girl for the inspiration!


  1. We did these too, after I saw Art Project Girl's post. We cut out our butterflies and glued them on warercolof painted blue skies - the contrast with the blue was really pretty. Yours came out great too!

  2. I like these a lot...great for the upcoming spring!!!(it is coming..right?!?!?)

  3. These are fantastic. I love the incorporation of science and art. What a great way to get both sides of the brain working! These would be great cut out and hung up all over the classroom wall.


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