Saturday, January 26, 2013

First grade street scenes

First graders continued our theme of cityscapes by adding a printed, collaged street scene to our portfolios. We used bubble wrap for the background and we rolled toy vehicles through tempera and on to our paper to create the streets. We tried something a bit different this year with the vehicles - instead of collaging one large vehicle, we drew a number of different ones and created a little "traffic."

We also had a special visitor during one of our printing days, a Dolvin Dads volunteer! His little boy was very proud to have him there and it was great having an extra set of adult hands during this activity.


  1. These came out great! The road lines and extra vehicles give the pictures a great energy! :)

  2. Love these... I can hear the noise of the city!

  3. I love these scenes. I just did this printing lesson with my first graders, and need to give you the credit! I'm curious about each students' work place. Is that scrap paper under their artwork, or is it some other type of material? The kids really love this lesson, but boy is it messy :)

    1. Yeah, it is messy alright! I am using manilla paper as mats underneath. It's thick enough to use multiple times. Glad you tried it out! I don't mind the mess as much when the result is a good one.


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