Saturday, November 3, 2012

VIP: Starry Night, Fall 2012

Very Important Painting: Vincent Van Gogh's Starry Night

Teaching the story of Vincent Van Gogh and the creation of Starry Night is, to me, one of the greatest moments of the year. We have studied this painting in many different ways in my room - watercolor resist, oil pastel - but I believe my favorite is this mixed media approach. We discuss the beauty of the night sky, and how Van Gogh found it especially wonderful that night, one of his first nights outside after a long hospital stay, with twinkling stars, a swirling breeze, and a cozy little village all tucked in under a glowing moon. I can't imagine a first grade year going by without this lesson.

A fun addition: Starry Night in Dominoes! We watched this at the beginning of day 2.
The iconic original

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  1. Very beautiful. The colored paper houses stand out so well against the black background. Thanks for sharing these gems!


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