Friday, November 16, 2012

Sunflowers and Sneak Peeks

First graders are finalizing their Van Gogh unit with sunflower paintings and pinch pots. The paintings are a "no pencil, just dip your brush and go" kind of a lesson, done in about 30 minutes, love the painterly qualities and color mixtures!
Scroll down for a few glimpses of what I'm excited about for next week...

sneak peek of sunflower pinch pots
sneak peek of 2nd grade thumb owls

sneak peek of topiary stencils from Grandpa Green (super excited about this one!)


  1. LOVE the sunflower paintings ! The blue background makes the yellow and the orange really pop!(complimentary colors!) I love the vine quality of their stems also!

  2. Beautiful sunflower compositions.
    There is great movement and expressiveness in the brushstrokes.

  3. The kids REALLY achieved the feeling of movement with their winding stems and the brushwork in the background. Great job!!


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