Wednesday, June 6, 2012

International sharing: Punto Y Raya festival

Guess what, 3rd graders? Our "Gees Bend paper quilts" lesson is being used as an example during the
Punto Y Raya festival  - The Festival of the Dot and the Line - in Barcelona, Spain! You can see our link in their blog right here -

This is an art festival for students that will take place in November of this year. It showcases art that is NONOBJECTIVE - remember that word, kids? It has to do with design using the elements of art, instead of a realistic object, person, or place.  Specifically, it highlights the beauty of the dot and the line - reminding me of our readings of The Dot and Ish by Peter H. Reynolds. Some of my very favorite art masterpieces were done in this style.
I am very excited to know that our work is understood and enjoyed by students in other countries, and I am sure that you are proud.  If you would like to make something over the summer to submit by email, you can send it to me at  The deadline is right around the first day of school, so we won't be able to do anything to submit in class - maybe next year!

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