Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Space age art room

I've been telling my classes that a UFO has landed in the art room. Actually, it's just my new projector for my interactive whiteboard, which I am so excited about. My technology has advanced by light years in the past week- thank you to the Dolvin Foundation for the projector, and I'm still reeling over my new iPad 2, purchased with the profits from our Original Works program. I foresee a revolution in art learning, that is, as I adapt a little at a time. In this first week alone, I have been able to digitally demonstrate and replay weaving techniques using the My Brushes app, research fossils with my kinders, and prep my 3rd graders for our field trip to the High museum.

from My Brushes, a demo of weaving 2 color stripes

3rd graders getting a sneak preview of the Picasso to Warhol exhibit before Friday's field trip

a dovetail weave demo - it replays itself!

2nd graders comparing compositions of Rockwell and Pollock


  1. Can you hook up your ipad to your whiteboard? Off to see if I can do this with my interactive projector...

  2. yes, with a VGA adapter. mine came from Apple.


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