Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Intro to 3-D for Kindergarteners: A Color of His Own

Every year, my kindergarten classes read Leo Lionni's A Color of His Own.  Not only do we discuss the relationship of authors and illustrators, we cover the intriguing topics of disappointment and happy surprises.  We also talk about the importance of camouflage in nature and we create a setting for our color-changing chameleon. 
I have done many variations on art lessons in years past - handmade books, watercolor resists, crayon rubbings - and this year I decided to combine it with the concept of paper sculpture.  We learned how to create 3-D forms from flat papers by folding, curling, and gluing.  It was a treat to watch the students experiment with different ways to make the paper stand up, and to see them create different viewpoints from each side of the sculpture.  Storage is an issue once the objects become 3-D, so we keep it simple and do all our "sculpting" in one 45 minute period, and the kids are excited to get to take these cuties home the same day.
using the light from the window to trace our drawings onto the
other side for a 3-D chameleon

Where's the chameleon?

...in the waves

behind the volcano...

in the red flowers...

...in the pink flowers

in the mushroom patch...

in the heather...

in the rocks

in the water

in the dirt

in the red and white polka dotted mushrooms


  1. I see your students love volcanos too! :)

  2. What a great lesson to tie into monochromatic color schemes...

  3. Love this! I have the book but haven't been inspired by any ideas until now! Thanks.


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