Tuesday, March 6, 2012

5th grade Face Jugs, Part 2

Our glaze firings are almost complete and we have some incredible face jugs to show off.  I tried a new brand of glaze this year - Blick brand - and I would like to recommend it highly - a great value!  To see the post of the earlier stages of this lesson, along with some face jug history and inspiration, click here.


  1. Can't pick a favorite here- they are all so great! So much character!
    Thanks for the glaze tip, haven't tried Blick yet. The colors look great.

  2. Cool jugs! I love the Bandito with the horns in the second photo-Too funny!

  3. what a beautiful job they did... love the unique qualities of each one.

  4. Love them! Mine just came out of the Kiln today too!


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