Wednesday, November 30, 2011

First Look at Evergreen Collagraph Prints!

Third graders are still in the printing stages of our Evergreen Collagraph prints, but they are coming out so nicely that I couldn't wait to share!  We will be trimming, hand-coloring, and numbering our prints soon.  So far, we have built a printing plate using a variety of textured materials like foam, woven fabric, sandpaper, and cardboard.  We cut a variety of evergreen tree shapes and punched holes for the "berries & cones."  We printed using white ink to represent the first snow of winter.  The prints are beautiful and the plates look really nice themselves!  Some of our "smudgier" prints will get some oil pastel detailing.  This project really put us in the holiday spirit - we are ready for winter!

building the printing plates

prepping for printing

rolling on the ink

placing the paper over the plate

the image prints in reverse


  1. These are great! I love the white paint on those bright coloured sheets. Very beautifyl!

  2. So lovely!!! Really great work from all the students and their super great teacher!!

  3. These are beautiful! I've never tried collagraph printing with a class- always assumed you needed a printing press in order to get crisp, detailed results. How many printing stations do you typically set up for your class?

  4. Those look great!

    By the way, have your ATCs shown up yet?

  5. @Miss, I set up an inking tray and brayer between a pair of kids who take turns, so there are two stations at each table of 4. Each kid can typically get 4 prints done in a 45 minute session, provided we selected our printing papers and wrote names on them the week before. It makes a pretty big mess, but to me it's easier to have a big mess on one day than spread out over a few days with fewer trays.
    @Katie - YES! Just got them after the break - haven't shared with the kids yet because we are waiting on a few other envelopes from other places, but I showed them the package and they cheered! So exciting!
    Thanks everyone : )

  6. The plates and prints are equally beautiful!

  7. These are awesome! Your lesson made me think of this: At a an art festival here in Rhode Island I met an illustrator who does beautiful collagraph prints. She illustrated an awesome book called The Frog House. You might like to use it with your young students, maybe for a lesson in the springtime. You can see it on Amazon. Also,thanks for following my blog! You can also see a collagraph lesson I taught my 8th graders at my blog, Look for the lesson on sequential monsters!

  8. Saved as a favorite, I really like your site!


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