Friday, November 4, 2011

3rd grade update

Third graders have been very busy lately, finishing up our shaded still life drawings and beginning our ATC's - Artist Trading Cards - which we will be sending off to schools around the country and even a few other countries.  We are getting excited about making our trades, so check out a sneak peek of what we've been putting together (below the still life drawings):

finding value changes within the hues

drawing from observation

this student added streaks of light coming from our overhead lighting after discussing the "light source"

s stylistic approach

using cool colors for shadows instead of darker value

nice color scheme

love the patterns

varieties and values of orange

This is just a preview of the ATC's in progress - we will post some pics of the
final product after the cards have been sent.....


  1. Beautiful compositions.
    The drawings are well executed.

    Bravo to your students

  2. are those ATC's rubbings of legos?? they look so amazing!!

  3. They are Legos, but actually stamped using ink pads. Thanks!

  4. I love the patterns created by the Lego stamps. What a great idea!


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