Thursday, February 10, 2011

Printmaking, Hopper-style

Fourth graders studied realistic seascapes by Edward Hopper before designing their own relief prints.  We chose lighthouses and boats as our subjects, and drew them carefully into the styrofoam, emphasizing the space in the scene.  We tried different ink colors on different backgrounds to see how the effect changes.  On some of the less successful prints - smudged ink, uneven transfer, ink blobs - we added color and detail once the ink was dry.
Some of our classes are doing print trades with schools in Minnesota and Belgium - stay tuned for more info on that, soon to come!
Seascapes by American painter Edward Hopper


  1. I have foam paper in my classroom and have not used it yet. I am excited to try it, I have a question, when you are changing color to make another print do you clean the foam paper somehow in between prints? Thanks so much! Great blog.

  2. Yes, it rinses very easily with water. It's also fun to try two colors rolled side by side, as they blend together in the middle! Printing from the foam paper is really easy, you'll love it!


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