Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Kindergarten Pop Art (and valentines!)

American painter Jasper Johns inspired Dolvin kindergarteners to turn ordinary letters and numbers into extraordinary works of art!  We learned how to draw a "bubble letter," which turns a line into a shape.  Then we added stencils in the background, watercolor resist, colorful stickers and sparkly glitter... definitely an exciting change from boring handwriting sheets. 

As a bonus, while we were adding the glitter in small groups, early finishers created a Jim Dine-style symmetrical heart monoprint, just in time for Valentine's day.


paint a few inches at a time, then fold paper and rub...

... and see the symmetry!


  1. Love the Jasper Johns numbers and what could be more perfect for V-day than Mr. Dine?!!! Fun! : )

  2. this is fun, I'm thinking of doing the numbers for my son's kindergarten class this week :)


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