Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Celebrations - Fall '19

We’ve had lots of fun this fall at Dolvin and in the art room - here are some pics of some special moments.

Thankful for Reading Day:

Sweet handmade gifts from students:

Banner for the cafeteria made by my second grade friends:

The biggest toad I've ever seen hopped by one day:

Glow party with Ms. Greathouse's 5th grade to celebrate "Hats Off to good behavior":

Lots of amazing entries to the yearbook cover art contest - winners will be announced soon!

Fortunate to be working with a group of teachers (TPS Architects) on developing arts infused units for 5th grade - Teaching with Primary Sources:

A lovely lunch celebration celebrating Fulton County's Teachers of the Year:

Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season - thanks for catching up with us!


  1. Your crayon costume is SO CUTE! Looks like you are having a great school year :)

    1. Thanks Mollie! I know you are so ready for break with your little man!


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