Monday, September 2, 2019

Kitten's First Full Moon by Kindergarten

This was a fun first lesson for my youngest artists! We started with this wonderful book by Kevin Henkes and discussed the importance of illustrations in a book to help tell the story - in this case, the story of a kitten chasing the moon because he thought it was a bowl of milk.
After discussing the neutral colors of the book to represent nighttime, we drew a large circle using a tracer and a variety of lines and shapes below for the flowers and grass. We traced and colored with white and black crayon, then washed over the whole page with black watercolor. The next week, we drew the shapes for a cat and bubble cut around her, finally gluing her in the middle. 
I had a couple of fifth grade volunteers help me with each class and it was so wonderful having a few extra capable hands to guide my new kindergarteners as we learn routines in the art room. I'm going to take advantage of this scheduling situation as long as I can! 
Thanks to @primaryartwithmrsgenna on Instagram for the lesson idea!

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