Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Last week of school activities, 2019

In addition to finalizing our portfolios for the year to take home, we had some fun in the art room during our last lessons together. Inchies are tiny drawings made in a one inch square. I challenged the students to complete 30 drawings in just 30 minutes based on the theme of Summer, of course!

We also tried the Play-Doh Challenge - each table had a tub of dough and tools like popsicle sticks, marker caps, and plastic buttons. I called out a category and the kids had a few minutes to build their sculpture. We took a quick look at all the creations before smashing them and going on to the next. Lots of fun and a good way to use all that energy!

Have a wonderful summer everyone! I hope your families have enjoyed all your art and I look forward to creating with you again this fall.

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