Sunday, February 24, 2019

Clay Days

My Tuesday and Wednesday classes have recently completed their clay projects - they should be wrapped and carefully delivered home soon! I am really enjoying the change to clay days instead of "one grade level at a time" doing clay work. Due to storage limitations for 3-D work, we can only handle a limited amount of clay happening at one time. With clay days, I am able to keep the clay setup out all day long without having to clean up between classes, which has made things flow much better. Here are a few pics of what we've been building - I dropped the ball on getting process pics, but I blame my constantly clay-coated hands. We build on our skills each year, starting out with pinching, pressing textures, coiling, modeling, joining, rolling slabs, and glazing.
First graders enjoyed pinching pots while learning about the global history and natural qualities of clay.

Second graders made pinch pots with the addition of coil feet and spoons

Third graders made aquariums and terrariums that could stand upright with the addition of a cardboard stand in the back.

Fourth graders made pots from hand rolled and cut slabs that were adorned with a personal symbol - students chose a function for their pot like a plant pot or a desk pencil cup.

Kindergarten fossils and 5th grade wall pockets and slab bowls not pictured but coming soon!

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