Monday, September 10, 2018

Watermelon batiks, 3rd grade

This lesson has been so fun and is packed with learning! Thank you to Instagrammer @artedallthetime for the inspirational post - I hadn’t done a paper batik in years and was excited to revisit it after seeing her students' work. My 3rd graders started with a set of thumbnail sketches, and we each selected one sketch to enlarge on to a thick white drawing paper. 
For the batik, you need a layer of wax (crayon) and a layer of dye (watery paint). We used warm color crayons for most of our picture and then crumpled the paper to crack the wax. Once the paper is flattened back out, we brushed the cool color tempera over the entire page and quickly rinsed the excess off in the sink. We were very gentle in this stage to keep from getting rips in the paper.



Once dry, we completed a 321-Art! assessment sheet and shared our reflections with our classmates. Batik is such a fun way to give your work a unique texture, especially for a simple design like these watermelon still lifes.

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