Friday, March 2, 2018

2nd grade stitchery: constellations

My second graders learn about space in their classroom, so when it came time to do some sewing in the art room, we used constellations as our theme. We found our zodiac constellation on a chart and traced the shape onto a piece of paper mesh made by Roylco, adding some tape around the edges to prevent the mesh from unraveling.

Next we learned how to tie a knot and thread our yarn needles using a paper threader and went to town! We finished surprisingly quickly, so next time I think we may make them a little larger - for these I used half-sheets of the paper mesh. We colored the backgrounds and for a finishing touch, we glued some sequins in the background to give it that outer space feel.

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  1. This is such an incredible idea, Hope. I LOVE outer space art. I have a group of VERY busy 2nd graders and I want to try this with them - I think it will calm them. I will share our results! Xoxo


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