Monday, November 13, 2017

Winter Landscapes in 1st grade

First graders are learning about space and size changes in a landscape. This lesson took two 45 minute sessions. We started out with a white paper and penciled in two snow hills. We painted the area above the hills with a blend of black and white tempera, double-loading the brush, to create a wintry sky, and dotted the sky with the back of our brush for snowflakes. We also used a smaller brush and painted some tree trunks on the background hill and topped them with snow.

The following week, we used Roylco Terrific Trees papers to make the larger tree trunks in the foreground - this paper tears very smoothly and easily, and has bark printed on one side and grain on the other - they are really cool.
We discussed the fact that the texture of the closer trees is much more visible than the trees in the background. We finished it off with some bright red cardinals made with geometric shapes.
Next week as I upload them to Artsonia, I will have the students create a title that describes the scene. Lovely work!



  1. Omg.....omg.....OMG these are so lovely!!

  2. Awesome art lesson! I Love the stormy skies and the Roylco tree textures! Pinning!

  3. Thanks for the tip on the tree papers! These landscapes are terrific!


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