Friday, October 6, 2017

Kindergarten Pumpkin Patch Paintings

Every year we do a version of this lesson because it is an exciting topic at this time of year and it is a fun way to teach landscape techniques. We begin our drawing with the biggest, lowest hill because it is the closest to us. We draw our pumpkins on this hill very large with lots of detail, again because they are closest to the viewer. Grant Wood's farm landscapes are great examples to show size and space changes in a landscape. We also talk about visiting a real pumpkin patch and how we enjoy our pumpkins as we draw.
Our hills above are far away, so they look smaller as well as anything found on these hills, like more pumpkins or the barn. We added a sky and then made them colorful with watercolor paints.


  1. Hi, did they draw first with sharpie or something else before the watercolor?
    Thanks, love your all your lessons!

    1. Hey there - yes, we do a guided pencil drawing then trace with sharpie and finally paint with watercolor. Thank you!


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