Saturday, September 16, 2017

Kindergarten Owls - solving a mystery

This activity is always so much fun and I love seeing the expressive, unique owls each student creates. We start with a mystery drawing, where I give clues and the students draw along and try to figure out the mystery from the clues - it is a great way to build drawing confidence in these young artists. More on mystery drawings at the bottom of this post!
Once we solve the mystery, students experiment with lines and patterns to show texture, as well as trying out and comparing different drawing/coloring tools. I also encourage students to make fun and creative choices with color and detail at this stage - reminding them that they are artists who get to decide how they want things to look. While we are working on this, we talk about some scientific connections such as the nocturnal lifestyle of owls. Most students are familiar with this and love sharing what they know as we color away.

Once the drawings are complete, we have a class discussion about the importance of a title and how a title can help explain what is happening in an artwork. We share a lot of ideas for descriptive words for the setting and the mood and the owl's appearance.

 If you're interested in trying out my mystery drawings, I have two sets available in my Teachers Pay Teachers store - the owl is in the first set and my second set, called "Mystery Drawings Round 2," has five new subjects.

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