Thursday, May 25, 2017

3rd grade embroidery - couching stitch

Embroidery for 3rd grade involved the couching stitch and embellishments! Today was the last day of school - would've loved a bit more time for these. Still fun and cute!


  1. Love it!!! Congratulations from Greece!

  2. Beautifully simple. But full of character.

  3. Good blog! I'd like to read more about this. Please share other blogs in the same context (if you have any) :)

  4. Your blog is really great. I am re-entering the art teacher world after teaching kindergarten for 10 years and it is a great resource. I love how your projects aren't cookie-cutter but also allow for meaningful instruction. I'm always on the look out for ideas that allow children to express themselves within the limits of a lesson's objectives. Keep it up!

    1. Thanks so much for that compliment - it makes my day because that is what I strive to do, offer a problem and some tools and see how they solve it. When I was a student these were the things that taught me the most - being creative within a structure. Best of luck to you as you dive back in!

  5. Hello, really good work! I want to ask your permission to use one of your picture🤩


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