Friday, December 16, 2016

Hand-Sewn Wall Hangings in 1st grade

First graders were really excited to hear they would be sewing in art class - this wall hanging project teaches young students how to thread a plastic needle with a paper threader and yarn, make a running stitch, and add decorative beads and sequins.
We began with a lesson on threading the needle and then we do a "down, up, pull" technique for the running stitch. After we make a couple of successful rows, we start adding rows of sequins and beads to the routine.

I finished off each wall hanging with some colorful tape on the ends of the burlap and a spot of hot glue on the ends of the ribbon.
We presented the wall hangings with a little information sheet and shared our favorite part about learning to sew.


  1. Świetne prace! Zaczęłam podpatrywać, świetne pomysły do pracy z dziećmi.
    Pozdrawiam serdecznie.

  2. These are so rustic and charming! Kudos to you for sewing with Grade one! I don't have the patience, haha!

  3. Hello! This project is so cool. I am going to try it with my daughter's first grade class, but I bought some 7cm long plastic needles and some sequins, but the needles are far too large for the sequins. What type of needle did you use?
    Thanks! Mary (

    1. Our needles were too big too, but the sequins were fairly easy to push down over the eye - the hole kind of "stretches." You can also use a hole puncher to make a bigger hole in the sequins. Good luck!

  4. Concept is cool. I love the project idea. Appreciated the work of this little 1st graders. They did well with the sewing wall hangings. Nice sharing.


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