Friday, November 18, 2016

Mystery Drawings: Slice of Pie (Gobble it up!)

In these last few days before Thanksgiving Break, many of my classes have been challenged with a Mystery Drawing, something that has become a fast favorite around here! A Mystery Drawing is basically a step-by-step drawing lesson, but the excitement comes in when kids must watch for and listen to clues in order to complete the drawing successfully, because they don't know what the drawing will turn out to be! The drawings are designed to be completed within a 45 minute session, including pencil drawing, personalizing, tracing, and coloring.
When I announced that we would be doing a Mystery Drawing, I was surprised by cheers - I was so happy they remembered from the previous year how this whole thing works - and they loved it! We began with a refresher on vertical/horizontal, and the clues kept on coming. You could hear a pin drop - so much focus! I ask for guesses as we build our drawings, shape by shape. A hat? A couch? A mailbox? A slice of pie... ding ding ding! Our Wayne Thiebaud-inspired pie drawing comes just in time for Thanksgiving, along with a message for our families and a conversation about some of our family traditions. Once the mystery is solved, students are encouraged to include details from their own holiday table. They were very proud to take these home and display in their own kitchens for Thanksgiving week.
My Mystery Drawing set is available on Teachers Pay Teachers if you'd like to try it out - there's even a sale going on Nov.19-22. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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