Sunday, October 16, 2016

Nouns in Art: people, places, and things

Making connections with our art is an important goal in our classroom, and Language Arts is one of my favorite ways to connect. In first grade, we like to find nouns in art, and they are so proud that they know what nouns are when I ask. We do a little activity that explains how portraits, landscapes, and still lifes are like the nouns of art - people, places, and things. After the warm-up worksheet, we dive into the real works.

We started with things/still life. We painted papers with primary colors and then mixed secondary colors, and cut these into shapes for our Apple Still Lifes.

Next up was our fall farm landscape drawing, where we learned about near and far space in a landscape as well as natural forms we see in the fall, like apples, pumpkins, acorns, and beautiful fall leaves. I love challenging the kids to create a sky that is truly unique - we talk about time of day, season, and weather, and the way all of those things affect the color of the sky.

Portraits - We are about to start self-portraits, but we have already completed some adorable pet portraits seen in an earlier post - here is a reminder:

Please stay tuned for the selfies!

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