Sunday, September 18, 2016

Landscape Reflections in 2nd grade

Second graders are finishing their fall-inspired landscape reflection watercolor paintings. They are really terrific! Here's a quick run-through of our steps:
1. Review "landscape" and show some examples that have a water reflection - find the line of symmetry. 

2. Brainstorm different types of landscape settings, like a neighborhood, a forest, a city - don't forget to mention the details.
3. Fold paper in half horizontally and draw a landscape in the upper half only. Trace with Sharpie.
4. Take folded paper to a light box or a window and press the sharpie side against the glass. Trace the drawing in pencil - when paper is opened, it will be a reverse reflection.

5. Ready for paint! Top half is painted with a warm color scheme to represent fall, which is only a few days away - artists are often inspired by the seasons. Bottom half is painted with cool colors, to represent the water reflection. Students may also use neutrals as they wish.
6. As students are painting, we review tips and tricks for good craftsmanship using watercolor.

I hope your first days of fall are as beautiful as our landscapes.

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