Thursday, February 19, 2015

Two new student planners!

I'm a planner. I've noticed that when my students have the opportunity to plan, sketch, and practice before jumping into the project in-depth, they do much more critical thinking and end up happier with their results. So, I've thrown together a couple of sheets that are helping my kids in this area and they are available on Teachers pay Teachers if you'd like to try them too!
Both sheets are hand-drawn to give a sketchbooky, loose, whimsical feel to go along with the mindset of brainstorming. They are most appropriate for 3rd grade through middle school, I would say. One sheet, called Make it!, walks students through some planning choices, provides a place for thumbnails, and has a space for reflection at the end, which could be for themselves or peers. The second sheet, simply called Thumbnails, gives tips on using thumbnails effectively and creating variety within the set. 
They are a great addition to the student portfolios I use or would be great in sketchbooks too. Thanks so much to all of you who check out my TpT store - I love getting the feedback from all of you and it has helped me get a little "college fund" started for my daughter who is graduating in just a few short months!

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