Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Needle & Thread Club: Ojo de Dios

Monday marked our third club meeting this year and we had fun learning the Mexican weaving craft, Ojo de Dios, using sticks from my birch tree and some super soft yarn I couldn't resist at Michael's yarn blowout sale. We also started a a yarn bomb on the wooden rocker from the media center - looks like it is going to take a few more meetings to properly bomb that thing with all my scrap yarn! Club is going great so far - next week - cross stitch!


  1. The kids look very proud! Our spanish teacher always makes these with our 4th and 5th grades in December. The kids love making them!

    1. So lucky Mrs. C! We used to have a Spanish teacher AND the world's best band and orchestra teachers for 4/5 until they cut both programs about 5 years ago :(

  2. I just made these with a class yesterday and they loved it!


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