Sunday, May 25, 2014

Thanks Mister Rogers and happy summer, neighbors!

"I'll be back when the day is new, and I'll have more ideas for you.
You'll have things you'll want to talk about, I will too."

There is always so much going on at the end of the year that I get overwhelmed and feel a little burnout. Remembering this song that closed out every episode of Mister Rogers' Neighborhood always makes me feel better! How many of you were affected by this show as a kid? It was a real centering point for me as a child, making me feel calm, accepted, interested, and generally okay all around! I am only realizing in the last ten years what an impact he still has on my life, especially as a teacher. I've even been wearing more and more cardigans and sneakers lately. Although I am tired and drained now, I will be back, full of ideas and ready to share!

We've had an amazingly productive year, and we continued working up until the last day. We sent home over 900 portfolios, full of art learning, practicing, and products - I so hope they are the subject of many family sit-downs and fridge hang-ups! Here are some shots from our final days of 2014:

5th grade weavings - prep sheet and weaving handout available now on Teachers pay Teachers:

First grade unit on African art wraps up with Anansi the spider collages and Ndebele house designs (below)

Third graders learn about art of Ancient Egypt

Awesome handmade gift by the talented Miss Leah, complete with upcycled gift box - love it!

Lots of writing and reflecting on goals and growth this year - wish I had remembered to get more pics of this kind of stuff - not used to taking pics of writing ;)

Fun face photography on a pretty spring day

Kindergarteners finish up their prehistoric unit with some cave drawing

Fourth graders try their hands at modeling some succulent plants based on beautiful samples sent to me from Calfornia art teacher Rita Vinetz. It was literally the last days of art so most did the coloring part at home. Luckily Model Magic is easy to color:)

Happy summer to everybody - take time to unwind, unplug, relax and refresh! So much more to share next fall... Goodbye neighbors!


  1. Have a great summer Hope! ( I have until 25 June, so much to do before then! ) Thanks for all the inspiration and sharing of your creative ideas! One thing I am sure about after this crazy year we have had here in education in NJ is that as educators we need to stay together and continue to share our ideas and inspire each other, no matter what! Together we grow, alone we stagnate... Have a great summer! Tery ( Mrs."C") :)

    1. You are so right Mrs. C - we are going through major changes down here in GA as well, with even more in the next few years. Sigh. Teachers are being pushed to their limits. My goal for next year is to ride out the bumps with my eyes set on the real goal - continuing the pursuit of artistic knowledge and experience in my classroom and beyond. :) enjoy your summer as well - we go back before July is even over - whaaat? Thanks Tery!

  2. Thanks for sharing! Enjoy your summer!


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