Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Blue Dogs, explained!

Our Blue Dog art (scroll down a couple of posts for all the details) is now complete, including written descriptions of our color choices based on real life experiences. I think reading them adds a whole new dimension! This is a great example of using personal choices and life experiences in an art lesson, while  all students are engaged together in the story of an artist of our time and practicing drawing skills and media techniques. Even though we all drew dogs, Blue Dog to be specific, we all had our own unique images and experiences in our heads as we created them with expressive color.

"Blue Dog is yellow-orange when I look at the sunrise."
"Blue Dog is green when I am sick."
"Blue Dog is red-orange when I put him in the sunlight."
"Blue Dog is black when I look at the night sky."
"Blue Dog is turquoise when I swim in the pool."

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