Monday, January 20, 2014

Architecture Pop-ups

Making three-dimensional art is an area of focus for kindergarteners during our third 9-week unit. This year we drew building designs after looking at books of examples, and then like a pop-up book, some of our buildings appear to be in front of others in the background. We discussed the role of the architect in the community, as well as how builders would work differently if there were no blueprint - what a mess! We talked about the most important parts of buildings - roof, door, window - and that shapes could be combined to make these. This lesson took two 45 minute sessions, and I helped each child glue their gray paper individually to keep the glue in the right places:)
This pop-up idea was adapted from the wonderful lesson at arte a scuola :

 In this picture, you can see how the folded paper pops out the opposite way, providing support for the buildings:

 These friends had very similar taste in architecture:


  1. I would like to thank for creating this blog, because its having the useful message...

  2. Love them. I will be giving this a try, thanks Hope.

  3. Simple but impressive! I will try these with my students. Thanks for sharing.


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