Monday, July 30, 2012

Materials needed!

Students and parents,
As you go out shopping for your school supplies for the new year, there are a few odds and ends you may already own that we would love to have in the art room. Check your closets, garages, backyards, craft bins and attics for any of the following items which will find new life as a work of art:
Wood slices would be a dream come true!

wood scraps
small branches
leaves that are thick, not crumbly
small plastic toys (1-2") like army men or zoo animals
cotton fabric
buttons and beads
paper plates, cups and bowls
small tools (safe) like hammers, wrenches or pliers

Thanks in advance for keeping an eye out for these. They can be dropped off in the office with my name attached. See everybody real soon!
-Your friendly neighborhood art teacher


  1. I thought that I had already pinned your "create" letters. I have a new room, with tons of over the cabinet space, and thought of these. I couldn't remember where I'd found them, though. Thanks for posting the pictures of your room.

  2. I just cleaned out knitting supplies and have a whole lot of really nice yarn, several materials, textures and colors and was wondering what to do with them. I'll send them with Katy or maybe we can drop them off at Sneak Peek.


    I posted about the paintings I did today, inspired by your letters.


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