Friday, September 23, 2011

pen & ink chair drawings, 5th grade

5th graders completed two drawings of a chair

we began by drawing multiple views of a wooden chair

students enjoyed trying out the "old school" method of using ink, dip pens, and brushes
these negative space drawings were made with ink wells and brushes

the positive space drawings were done with old-fashioned dip pens and ink wells,
focusing on the visual texture of the wood grain

we agreed that modern pens are much easier for portability and neatness...

... but the old-fashioned materials provide a certain charm and style

artists can use old technology/materials  to create a vintage feel

...or newer ones for a more modern style

drips and splatters happen a lot when using ink wells

very beautiful and timeless works


  1. What a great lesson in drawing from observation.
    The results are beautiful.

  2. These are fantastic! I may be borrowing this for my high schoolers!


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