Wednesday, August 31, 2011

art class tidbits for parents and students

Here are a few "housekeeping" items which the students often have questions about...

1. You may bring a t-shirt, smock or apron to class on your art day, or just dress in clothing that you don't mind getting a little dirty.  Most of our materials are washable, but there are a few items we use occasionally that can leave a stain. (You can find your art day on the schedule in the tabs above.)
2. We store all of our work, projects, and sketches in portfolios that will go home at the end of the year.  We need to keep the work for the many art shows and activities we participate in each year.  When your portfolio goes home in May, it's a great chance for you to select a few special pieces for scrapbooks or wall frames.
3. If you notice your child is wearing an "Art Star" sticker, congratulate them.. it's a big deal!  I choose one student to be the Art Star at the end of class who demonstrated outstanding participation, creativity, and behavior.  This earns them an entry in the end-of-semester raffle.
4. Students often ask if they can bring work from home to share with the class.  This year I am planning a "sketchbook sharing" day, which will occur in the second semester.  If your child keeps a sketchbook at home, which I highly recommend, they will be able to bring it in on that day, and maybe even earn a treat for extra credit.

We are off to a great start!  Thanks for your support of the arts at Dolvin.

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