Monday, July 25, 2011

back-to-school bento box

I always get excited about the oncoming school year around this time, the last week of July.  School supplies, new sneakers and a new lunchbox are usually at the top of my wish list for fall.  This year, I am going to try something new for lunch - the bento box!  It combines three of my favorite things: Japanese art, food and being creative.  I got the idea while looking for lunchboxes online, and I learned that creating homemade lunches packed artistically in a to-go box is quite a popular thing in Japan.  After looking at examples on my computer, I can't stop creating bento boxes in my mind.  Here are some really fun ones I found, and maybe you want to give it a try this year. The boxes are inexpensive (I found some perfect ones at Super H Mart for only $1.99) and it requires no plastic baggies.  Give it a try... enjoy!


  1. You made me hungry, Hope! LOL

  2. I do good to get Katy's sandwich (or crackers and other protein), fruit and baby carrots together. I wonder what those lunches look like after they've been bounced around in a backpack!

  3. the key is packing it fairly tightly so there's not much room for movement... the boxes I got have little separators that keep the fruit juice from mingling with the other things. mine are much simpler than these, but it has been a fun project so far!


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