Thursday, April 14, 2011

Japanese tea bowls

As a part of our unit on Japanese art, the second graders have finally finished our tea bowls.  A little glitch in my kiln kept us from glazing for a little while, but they were worth the wait.  Tea ceremonies in Japan are a peaceful time to spend with family, in a quiet and calm setting.  Respect for elders is important, because they are always served the tea first.
rolling the slab for the body

cutting the clay slab using a template, then round bottoms and coil feet are joined

we looked at Japanese imagery for our glazing

cherry blossoms, Japanese characters, and Mount Fuji can be found painted on our bowls


  1. I love these Japanese tea bowls.
    The colors and the imagery is beautiful.
    A great project to introduce students to the culture of Japan.

  2. These are beautiful! I think this may be my clay project next year. : )


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