Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Eric Carle collage: 1st grade lesson

Excellent resources to intro lesson

students paint textures on papers and we share all the colors


  1. These are terrific. I love that they are so different from each other!!

  2. Is the Eric Carle video really good? I have seen it in the catalog for $50 and am shocked by the price. Is it worth it?

  3. Honestly, I only show my students about 1/3 of the video - the part where he is in his studio working on papers and collages. He also talks about his childhood and the inspiration for his books. I think it is very inspiring for the kids to see him at work before we start the same process. I haven't really watched the rest, but now I will so I'll know ...
    We have the video in our media center - you may want to try and borrow it from a library before you buy.


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