Tuesday, December 21, 2010

kindergarten clay fossils

Kindergarteners learned how to roll a slab of clay and create surface textures, all while learning how fossils are formed in nature.  We pressed a variety of objects into our clay "rock" - dinosaur tracks, shells, plants - then after they are fired in the kiln, we brush over the entire surface with "mud" (paint) and wash away the excess, the way a scientist would clean a fossil.  This technique leaves the dark paint only in the textured spaces, making them look more authentically aged.

dino tracks

bones and scales

pressing with sticks

cookie cutters make dino shapes

beautiful texture

always a favorite project that makes us proud...


  1. Love it!! And how simple!! What is the "mud paint"?

  2. the "mud" is watered down tempera, which really brings out the texture when rinsed off.

  3. These are SO great! I'm sure the kids LOVED the story and imagination behind the process! I'm definitely putting this lesson on my to-do list! SO glad to have found your blog! :)


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