Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Who is your favorite Pop Artist?

Fifth graders compared and contrasted the work of three American Pop Masters:  Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, and Wayne Thiebaud.  Here are their thoughts on who is their favorite...
Roy Lichtenstein

"He made more of story-telling pieces.  I love cartoons, too."
"His comic style is random but friendly."
"He tries to make you laugh but at the same time he shows you his artistic comics.  He's enjoying himself drawing and he knows when he finishes his peers will enjoy his pictures, too."
"Roy is my favorite because he is extremely expressive and strange.  With bright colors and unnatural backgrounds, he's very contrasting and still it works together well."

Wayne Thiebaud

"Some of them look simple, but are very detailed."
"He drew cake.  I like cake."
"I like him the best out of these artists because he painted food that looked very real.  The more interesting the better."

Andy Warhol

"He was crazy with his art and he let it pop.  I like that he was different and did his own thing."
"He does great pop art and printmaking.  He was very famous.  Andy does great work."
"He does printmaking and he repeats his work."

And one student was not impressed - "None are my favorite.   I don't like drawing real things.  I like using my imagination instead of copying.  I feel that they will never be great because people will have seen it before.  If I draw something from my imagination, no one will have seen it."

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