Friday, February 27, 2015

Pop-Up Architecture in Kindergarten

Kindergarteners drew a variety of different types of buildings and learned about the job of the architect. We also created folded paper backgrounds with a pop-up tab, so the building stands on its own when the paper is opened - pop!

We also experimented with folding, curling, and bending paper strips to create paper sculptures. Making 3-D art is a favorite with these young artists.


  1. These are awesome! How did y'all attach the buildings to pop up?

    1. Fold the background (heavy paper or construction paper) in half and cut two slits on the folded side. Push the tab made by the slits in the opposite direction, then when you open and close the background, the tab will pop up. Just use a little glue stick to attach the building to the front of the tab. If the building is really wide, you might need two tabs for support.


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